Who We Are?

Welcome to Samvruddhi Technologies

For over 11 years, Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech) has been a Premier IT Solutions and service support Provider who works with the clients through a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise.

Founded in 2011, with a group of 6 IT experts and now we are with 30+ highly qualified employees including, 20+ Certified and Qualified IT Engineers. Aiming to meet the demands of a changing world, Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech) has continuously updated its large database of clients with the latest in technology.

We work with our clients through a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today’s technologies, and a mature, highly capable delivery and services. We assure you that there is no need to concern of your Information Technology part of your business we come with the appropriate and best in class solution for you. Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech) is a well-organized company with a team of the qualified working professionals. Our team helps you to understand and deliver what your business really demands. We believe in giving an assurance of what we really offer! With many years of presence in the market and completion of numerous projects, we have the accurate skills and expertise in various domains.

Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech), is an Industry leading “end-to-end” system Integrator head quarter in United Arab Emirates with collaborative offices in Australia and India. Our capability is based on the hardware, software and solutions platforms where we can apply the best analogies and latest standards and techniques to implement open systems solutions. The driving factor for our quality service is to ensure that the customer needs are properly analyzed and deliver the appropriate solution.

What is Our Goal?

Our Vision

To make your business the best through technology! To be the industry's benchmark by providing best quality & value through commitment towards employees, customers and partners.

Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech) from inception in 2010 had only one primordial objective and that was to be a customer-oriented company. We believe that every customer is unique, hence the range of our reliable solutions are also offered selectively as per individual customer needs. This foresight and vision of our management is the same right across the group.

What is Aim?

Our Mission

As a "Solution Provider & Systems Integrator" Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech), has the adroitness to offer the best solution & services as per industry standards. The driving factor of our quality service is to ensure that the customer needs are properly analyzed & deliver the proper solution.

To provide IT services that deliver long term relationships based on clients' key business requirements, keeping customer satisfaction as the central focus of Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech). We strive to develop state of the art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships to our own organization and to our clients.

We at Samvruddhi Technologies (Sam-Tech) are the best in class "Solution Provider & Systems Integrator" based on our ability to offer the best hardware, software, and solutions platforms where we apply the best analogies.

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